Fifth Eye Crew

Fifth Eye asked us to build them an app which could be used by their Fifth Eye Crew members, to help them complete and store essential forms such as Risk Assessments, Flight Logs, Flight Notices etc. and submit booking requests. 

They also wanted their users to be able to access the latest documentation within the app, such as insurances, drone manuals and flight checklists.

But the main features of this app are the weather forecast and flight zone maps. The user can can check the current weather forecast wherever they like, which advises them whether it’s OK to fly or whether they should fly with caution. 

The flight zone map uses the AirMap API, and shows flight restricted zones in real time (e.g. football games, royal estate, airfields/airports etc.)

The app will massively streamline the admin process for their Fifth Eye Crew members who are predominantly drone pilots and film producers, who just want to get their arial shots as efficiently as possible and this app helps them do just that.

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