Pocket Law Guide

What is it?

The Pocket Law Guide series of case law revision apps is a collection of mobile study apps for law students. Currently available on iOS and Android with the following categories of law: Contract, Tort and Criminal.

How can I download it?

The apps are currently available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and most Android mobile devices.

iOS versions: Download Link

Android version: Contract, Criminal, Tort

Where did the inspiration come from?

Sam, Founder of Apperfect, studied law whilst at University and saw a huge gap in the market for a mobile app that could help with case law revision. Typically, a law student needs to memorise hundreds of case law summaries for their exams so this app not only helped him revise for his own exams but it also helps the hundreds of student who have downloaded the app since 2015.

Will there be more areas of law released?

Yes, in the pipeline are Land, Employment and Property. Watch this space…

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