What is it?

Vocab! is a fun interactive language learning app, it combines spaced repetition techniques with interactivity for a fun and engaging approach to language learning.

How can I download it?

Vocab! is currently available on iOS only (iPhone and iPad)

iOS version: Download Link

Where did the inspiration come from?

Having read an article which showcased a piece of research behind the idea that one only needs to learn 1,000 of most common words in any given language to be able to understand 75% of that language; I thought it would be a great basis for a new app, so we compiled a huge list of popular words and phrases and built a collection of interactive games around them.

What games are there?

There are lots of language categories to choose from, from Animals and Cooking to Travelling and Feelings and the games range from:

1) Traditional multiple choice – Classic but effective. If in doubt, go for B.
2) Sequence – A workout for both your mind and thumb
3) Hangman – We promise that nobody was harmed in the making of this game
4) Scrambled – No pressure, but this game has a timer!

Is it free?

Yes!… well, kind of. It’s free to download and try out a few of the games, if you enjoy the app then you can unlock all of the other categories for small one off payment (currently £1.99)

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